Kerala Tour Packages Booking- A Memory to Last For
21.07.2014 11:40

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Imagine a spot which is full of adventures and fascinating elements which can be cherished forever. Certainly, Kerala gets the vote here. It is the perfect destination for relaxation. The Kerala tour packages are available according to the tastes of the people. Let us have a look on the various packages existing for Kerala tour.

Kerala tour packages:

There are luxury packages, standard packages, premium and deluxe packages as well. According to your budget and number of days to be stayed you can avail any of the packages. Several Kerala tour packages booking have the following routings:

 * With a sightseeing that includes Cochin, Munnar, Thekkady, Houseboat and back to Cochin, the package involves five nights and six days.

 * Another package offers the sightseeing of Poovar, Houseboat, and Kumarakom with four nights and five days for a reasonable amount.

 * For a routing of Cochin, Kumarakom, Houseboat and back to Cochin, a package offers for three nights and four days.

 * For a four nights and five day stay there is package available for places such as Kovalam, Houseboat and Cochin.

 * The routing from Kumarakom, Houseboat and Cochin involves three nights and four days with a lot to be saved in your pocket.

Usually the standard packages range from Rs 15000 to Rs 20000. Premium package includes a price ranging from Rs 20000 to Rs 27000 per person.

What does the tour package include?

The Kerala tour packages booking include accommodation, arrival assistance, all sightseeing at places and travel exchange help, etc. This also includes all the taxes.

Hence hurry up to book a Kerala package tour and give a break to your busy schedule!!!


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